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Regional Research and Training Center for Endoscopic Diagnostics and Minimally Invasive Surgery

The need to create a center was due to the widespread introduction of endoscopic techniques in practical medicine and the insufficient number of educational institutions to train specialists in this field. The center is a complex system with modern expensive equipment, special facilities, laboratories and clinical facilities. Only a few medical universities in Ukraine have such educational units.

The need to master endoscopic methods of diagnosis and minimally invasive surgery is a modern requirement for doctors in almost all surgical and some therapeutic specialties. After all, over the past decade, events have taken place in surgery that have significantly changed the principles of surgical treatment of many diseases – the technique of endoscopic surgery (endosurgery) has developed. The advent of endosurgery, in a few years conquered the world and was regarded as the second French Revolution. In terms of significance, this surgical technology is comparable to the spread of asepsis and antiseptics, the introduction of intubation anesthesia, extracorporeal circulation techniques or the development of operating microscopes.

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The training is adapted to the students’ schedule, classes are held once a week in the afternoon in the training halls of the operating room of the Medical Institute in Bass. Students will be introduced to the basic principles of flexible endoscopy and minimally invasive procedures. During this academic year, it is planned for students to master basic manual skills in “open” and video endoscopic surgery, to get acquainted with modern tools and equipment for operating rooms of various profiles. 10 classes are planned.

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Dr. Denys Ovechkin

Tel.: +38-050-955-0-233

PhD, Assoc. Prof., Head of Pediatric Surgery Course,
Director of Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery Center
of Sumy State University