How can I help in my own city and Country?

1. Territorial defense force urges people to join their ranks and get weapons. Addresses in Sumy: Hamaliya Street, 31a/ Troitska Street, 57. You only need to have your passport and a backpack with all the necessary things. Official contact numbers: (0542) 22-27-78, (0542) 22-45-23. If there is no response, try to contact Territorial defense forces through one of the above-mentioned addresses, spread the word. More accurate information may not be disclosed for security reasons.

2. Donate blood. Any blood group or type is accepted, you can donate blood at Hromadyans’kyi Lane 2. Working hours are 8:00 to 13:00. When donating, mention that it is for Central City Hospital.

3. Food and cigarettes for Territorial defense forces. Currently, we have everything needed, please follow the messages in the chat for further information. We may need help with thermoses, food preparation and delivery.

4. In @cukrchat you can find information about the situation in Sumy from people living here. We only share verified and official information; all fakes and speculations are deleted and the person who posted them is banned from the chat. Everyone is stressed as it is, without fake information.

5. Information about the conduction of siren testing is NOT true, it was confirmed by Sumy Regional Military Administration.

6. Sources of official information in Telegram:
Sumy: @cukrcity, @suspilnesumy, @Sumy_news_ODA
Ukraine: @suspilnenews, @ukrpravda_news, @COVID19_Ukraine, @miUkraune
News in english: @kyivindependent, Babel

7. Troop movements: It is strictly forbidden to post information about the movement of Ukrainian or undetermined troops. No suppositions or clarifications. Your messages may be used by the enemy to advance their positions. In @cukrchat we sometimes ask about the situation throughout the different city regions upon Territorial defense force’s requests, be ready to provide information (Street-Situation). Military administration also notes that the enemy can swap their uniform (to seem like Ukrainian soldiers), so be careful when sharing the information.

8. Money: At the moment, money is mostly invaluable (“it stopped being a valuable currency” as described by volunteers), we need more help with information and resources. However, for any emergency situations that would require our funding, we opened a bank card where you can send money: : 4441114452244609. It is a Monobank card that we may use for any needed transactions or grocery supplies. To make the process easier, we opened just one card and are not planning to open any others.

9. Shelters. Talk to your neighbors to check the closest shelters. Read information in the chat, some institutions are asking for help with shelters preparations. Talk to your family and friends about what actions to take during emergency alerts. This bot can be of help: @Hotovyi_do_vsioho_bot

10. Informational support: Cite official sources, when posting something. Spread the word about our courageous soldiers, support Territorial defense force. Share the information about the current situation in different languages and with people from all over the world. We are in open and real war. Ukrainian army is strongly fighting back. Ukraine will win! ??

Share this with friends and family and keep calm ?