Internship practice


Questions of industrial practice

Students’ internships are an integral part of the learning process, which provides generalization and improvement of theoretical knowledge, as well as develops the ability to apply them in practice. In addition, students master the design of medical records, the basic rules of deontology and medical ethics, behavior in the workforce.

Production practice is carried out on the clinical bases of the leading treatment and prevention facilities of the city of Sumy, with which cooperation agreements have been concluded. Students can also independently, after consultation with the relevant departments and the dean’s office of the medical institute, choose for themselves the place of practice, provided that it meets the requirements.

For foreign students, the bases of practice are provided in the relevant contract or agreement on the training of specialists and can be located both on the territory of the countries-customers for specialists and within Ukraine. Foreign students are given a program and an individual task in the prescribed manner. At the end of the internship, they compile a report in the manner prescribed by the department, subject (cycle) commission.

Experienced teachers are involved in the management of the practice, who advise students on the use and preparation of the necessary documentation (work program, schedule, practice diary), explain the rules of labor protection, safety and sanitation, as well as responsibility for the work performed.

At the end of the internship, the students of the commission submit a written report on the implementation of the internship program and make a final test. The grade for the internship is entered in the credit-examination list and in the student’s record book under the signatures of the members of the commission. The student’s grade for the internship is taken into account by the scholarship commission.