SumDU Repository is the best once again

According to the August 2021 version of the World Transparent Ranking from the Webometrics, the SumDU Repository ranks 35th among about 3,800 institutional repositories and 45th among almost 4,000 repositories worldwide and is the first among Ukraine’s institutional repositories in terms of the number of documents indexed by Google Scholar (59,500).

Currently, the repository’s collection includes 83,000 works of scientists and students of the university.

Every year the number of works in the repository increases by more than 5 thousand documents. These are scientific articles, monographs, textbooks, manuals, dissertations, abstracts, reports on research work, bachelor’s, master’s thesis, conference proceedings, and other educational and scientific publications.

It is worth reminding that the university repository has been operating since 2011 and constantly holds leading positions among the university repositories of Ukraine in the Webometrics ranking.