SumDU has created conditions for the safe stay of foreign students in terms of martial law

In the format of the meeting of the Council of fellow-countrymen’s associations of foreign students, the rector of the University Vasyl KARPUSHA met with the heads of student communities who are authoritative representatives of SumDU student community of their countries.

Taking into account the dangerous situation caused by the Russian aggression, the event took place in the hybrid mode (online / offline) in the shelter of the university.

During the meeting with the heads of fellow-countrymen’s associations, the issues of organization of safe stay of foreigners under the conditions of martial law, provision of food and basic necessities, concerted coordination and communication between students and the university administration were discussed.

Students gave irrefragable answers to all questions.

The rector stressed that the safety of foreign students is our top priority, so students must follow the rules of curfew time, stay in dormitories and not leave them unnecessarily, follow the instructions and guidelines of university staff.

The university provides students with food and basic necessities, and the university’s dormitories have safe and well-equipped shelters to accommodate all students in case of bombardments.