Accreditation Assessment of the educational program of the medical specialty according to the pilot project of the independent international agency, National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and SumDU is completed

On January 28, Sumy State University hosted a final meeting within the framework of the international accreditation assessment of the education and training program “Medicine” of the higher education second level (Magister’s Degree) conducted by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (Kazakhstan) and the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

For three days, an expert panel of independent international and national agencies has been working at the university, where they had the opportunity to learn in detail about the benefits and features of training masters of medicine.

The SumDU was represented by Rector Vasyl KARPUSHA, First Vice-Rector Serhii LEONOV, Vice-Rector, Deputy Principal, Deputy Head of the Council for Quality Assurance in Higher Education Inna SHKOLNYK, Head of the Department of International Affairs Kostiantyn KYRYCHENKO, Director of the Research and Educational Medical Institute Andriy LOBODA, at the same time the guarantor of the educational program, according to which the accreditation assessment was conducted, the Head of the Department of Internal Medicine with the Center for Respiratory Medicine Lyudmila PRYSTUPA.

At the meeting with the administrative management of SumDU, the experts announced the preliminary conclusions of the accreditation assessment of the educational and training program.

First of all, the experts noted innovative implementations in the educational process, in particular, the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies, the development of modern educational materials using immersive methods.

They also made an emphasis on the high level of research at SumDU, productive scientific and economic activities, including the production of scientific and technical projects for enterprises, institutions, and organizations of various forms of ownership, involving students and graduate students in this work.

In experts’ opinion, the experience of budget management, financial management at the university is illustrative.

The following strengths were noted: Investing in infrastructure and new equipment, the achievements of the university in ensuring the quality of the educational process, the introduction of modern educational programs, cooperation with employers, internationalization, attracting teachers and students to participate in research competitions, grant activities.

Experts assessed the positive practice of professional development of teachers, in particular through a large number of training programs that help improve professional competence.

Representatives of accreditation agencies stressed that, first of all, the rapid development of the university was provided by a strong team of enthusiasts.

Rector of SumDU Vasyl KARPUSHA thanked the experts for positive assessments of the institution’s activities and recommendations for further improvement.

“We love the university and strive to make it even better,” the rector said.