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HIV-infection/AIDS and other Dangerous

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What we shall know about HIV  infection/AIDS


Disease, named AIDS, is progressing each year and takes millions of peoples life. AIDS is triggered by HIV - human immunodeficiency virus. Infected people are called HIV  positive. However, only the end  stage of the disease is called AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. There are no obstacles that could stop AIDS, it equally strikes men, women and children. As of now there are 40 millions of HIV  positive people on our planet


It is very important to know how HIV is caught and how to protect yourself against it. HIV can be caught in three precisely identified ways:

  • HIV can be caught in case of unprotected sex, provided that one partner is HIV  positive. That is why it is important to be protected and use mens and womens condoms correctly.
  • HIV can be transmitted through blood: infected blood transfusion, usage of dirty syringes while taking narcotic drugs, dirty needles, piercing, tattooing, usage of dirty, blood infected razors, manicure set. So it is extremely important to use only disposable needles and razors. It is enough to wash hands or objects, on which blood occurred, with hot water.
  • HIV can be transmitted from HIV  positive mother to her child while pregnancy, birth delivery or breast-feeding.


If a HIV  positive mother decides to have a baby, a doctor can help her and institute the most effective as of now therapy, which will reduce the risk to infect a baby.

Thus, there are only three ways to catch HIV: sexually, through blood and from mother to a baby, the rest of the ways you may hear about are only inventions.


The following presentations are the strict truth:

  • You cannot breathe HIV into, there is no HIV infection in eye water, sweat, saliva, it is impossible to catch HIV if you touch a HIV-positive person
  • Skin is an insurmountable barrier in the path of HIV.
  • Such insects as mosquitoes do not transfer HIV.


4. You can touch, embrace, kiss a HIV-positive person and wear clothes of HIV-positive person.

5. You can use objects and appliances, share a toilet, shower, linen with a HIV positive person.


The only opportunity to be convinced and find out if a person is infected with HIV is to undergo a test. The test helps to detect HIV-infection timely, several years before the disease develops. The test is carried out through simple blood analysis.


The centers of anonymous and free consulting have been established in Ukraine, everybody can undergo the test at these centers. It is better to know that is applicable to you, thus being able to start receiving adequate treatment betimes and prevent development and progress of the disease. Efficiency of medication consists in reducing quantity of virus in blood. Thus one can live with a virus and live a normal life. However it is important not to forget about the foregoing safety measures.


Unfortunately, current ways of treatment cannot cause recovery; nevertheless it can bring a person back to normal life rhythm since it averts reproduction of the virus and development of the disease.


Treatment of AIDS is durable and complicated process. Alcohol, narcotic drugs and smoking are prohibited with the purpose of its effectiveness. It is important and necessary to visit doctor on a regular basis.


HIV-positive people should remember that they are not alone. They should join the group of other HIV-positive people, receiving aid from the associations, centers etc.


In any case HIV cannot be an obstacle for employment or be a reason of termination of labor activity. HIV  positive person is not obligated to inform an employer about his/her status.


HIV can touch everyone and that is why it is important to provide HIV-positive people with psychological support. HIV-positive person has the right to have his/her personal life, have friends, live, get information and education.


AIDSUA National portal.

http://www.aids.ua/official_ docs/index.html


Diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of AISD and HIV  infection.



National hot-line for AIDS/HIV problem 8-800-500-45-10 ICQ 271-324-528



Ukrainian center for prophylaxis and struggle against AIDS of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.




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