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Clinical practices

All clinical departments are located in the leading institutions of the regional center. They took the status of clinical department according to order of the Ministry of Health and the order of the Regional Administration. The status of clinical has: regional hospital for adults, hospital for children, Infection hospital, Clinic of Radiation protection , Hospital for Invalids of Great patriotic war , Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction, Oncology Center, Antiphthisic dispensary, venereology dispensary, neuropsychiatric dispensary, medical and sports clinic, City hospital № 1 , № 4, № 5, Clinical Hospital for children. The total bedspace of  which is about 4000 beds.

Clinical facilities are equipped with modern equipment: CT, stationary pressure chamber, biochemistry analyzer, apparatus for extracorporeal detoxification, mechanical ventilationof lungs, cardiomonitors, radiological and endoscopic equipment, Ultrasonic diagnosis apparats, vehicle of artificial kidney and other. The teaching staff of the Institute use in their work the latest ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, encephalograph, Doppler, biochemical, clinical and ELISA analyzers kardiotonohrafy and many other devices.

Collectives of the  clinical  developed and enforced a number of regional programs. The aim of these is to improve  the diagnosis, treatment,  to prevent the disease and  to reduct the harm of them.Among  the regional programs are: "Antihepatitis" which help to make better the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis of viral etiology. "Prevention of cerebrovascular diseases," according to the etiology and risk factors are studing, measures for prevention of stroke and rehabilitation patients are developing. Teachers take part in the implementation of state and regional programs, such as "Health", "Children of Ukraine", "Oncology", "Diabetes", "The program of prevention and treatment of hypertension in Ukraine", etc. ..

At the clinic or work plans to open regional diagnostic and treatment centers: hepatological (clinical infectious diseases), pancreohepatobiliar (clinical surgery), cerebrovascular disease (Neurology Clinic), gastrointestinal bleeding and diabetic foot (surgery and hospital care), psychosomatic disorders (Clinic of Psychiatry) and others.

Professors and associate professors conduct  the clinical rounds of patients, counseling techniques in clinics and reviews of patients in hospitals almost all hospitals of Sumy. Assistant and clinical residents are treating patients of departments and make  night duty.

Surgeons performed complex and sometimes unique surgery in surgical and oncological diseases. In Sumy for the first time region were  put into practice such complex surgeries as: disemboweling of pelvic, pancreato-duodenal resection for cancer of the pancreas, lymph drainage of the thoracic duct and umbilical vein for chemotherapy, removing tumors of the anterior abdominal wall defect with plastic skin-muscle on the vascular pedicle flap, resection of the lower lip with resection of the mandible and skin-grafting of the defect in the muscle flap vascular pedicle, shoulder-blade amputation, removal of tumors of the mediastinum sternal access lung removal and hemipericardium removal, parasternal limfadenektomia about breast cancer, removal ekstraabdominal desmoyid of the neck, flap and   the plastic arts of autodermal layer and alloplasty nylon wall on the complex recurrent post-operative ventral hernias, organkeeping surgery for splenic injuries, right-side  and left-side  hemihepatektomia, inAtestinal-mesentery applique  for acute and chronic adhesive disease with syndrome of acute intestinal obstruction.

The use of sodium hypochlorite solution of various concentrations in patients with purulent infection was Introduced in the clinic. Reasonable medical and diagnostic tactics in patients with perforated gastro-duodenal ulcer. For the first time in the region at the Otolaryngologic  Clinic introduced endoscopic methods of diagnosis and manipulation of diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses. Methodologies of treatment of patients are improved on thedisease of thyroid depending on immune status and other .

Significantly increased The level of emergency and urgent care to patients of the region wich  involving of professors and associate professors become better. The question of visits the patient by doctors and consultants staff departments of the  Medical institute  is under constant control of the management of health care.

Over 100 new methodologies which every year are  inculcated in medical diagnostic process, that help to improve the effective of treatment and diagnostics.

A great number of work are making: visits to regional health care facilities, review of medical records, working in consulting and appraisal committees, conferences, taking part in the work of UOZ college and etc.  

The work of scientific and medical societies become more effective and interesting: infectious disease specialists, pediatricians, surgeons, internists, neurologists, obstetricians, where the heads are teachers of the institute. More often regional research and practice conferencesbegan to be conducted with edition of theses.

Reading of lectures is entered by the students of seniorcourses for students and students of middle educational establishments.

The faculty of clinical departments executing a large amount of health care during the summer practical training. Each year over 20 teachers involved in this work. Sumy clinical hospitals are the base summer practical training. The highly skilled specialists are managers of these base.  The programs of practices for students of all courses in all disciplines, uniform diary of practices, continuous application of practical skills are developed. The students show during the  practice the  reveal qualitative theory, deontological knowledge, skills  for their  practical implementation.

Making a great part of health care and treatment work, faculty Medical Institute does not stop there, not complacency, but rather trying to find new forms to improve efficiency of treatment, diagnosis and prevention.

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