Наша діяльність

Medical care for the students in our Sanatorium

In September 2013 SSU Rector, Professor A. Vasiliev, in the presence of a regional governance, opened the main clinical base of Medical Institute - Sanatorium-dispensary, located in the nature protectional area of regional importance - Basy. It is designed to provide diagnostic and treatment services to the general population, mainly for our students and staff, and is equipped with the latest requirements of modern medicine.

Sanatorium is equipped according to modern criteria of European standards. In particular, the establishment has all the facilities for modern functional research methods elektrokardio- and electroencephalography, phonocardiography, complex stress tests aimed to detecting latent coronary heart disease, hypertension, neurocirculatory dystonia and other disorders.The hospital provided a variety of medical services: electrophoresis, electroplating, amplipuls, diadynamometriya, dorsonvaltherapy, KVCH- and UHF wave therapy, electro and ultrasound therapy, phonophoresis, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, massage, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. In clinical base professors and teachers of Medical Institute provide consultations and treatment work.

In 2014-15 study year more than 200 students of Medical Institute SSU was treated and reabilitated in Basy sanatorium. We really care about the health of our students.

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