Lifelong learning



Courses of thematic improvement of doctors

Thematic improvement – further improvement of professional knowledge and skills of a doctor or pharmacist in order to maintain the current level of training. Advanced training of doctors – specialists is carried out by the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education in the areas of health care on the cycles of thematic improvement, as well as under direct agreements with institutions of other line ministries.

Thematic improvement involves advanced training in certain sections of the specialty. Doctors are sent for thematic improvement in the period between the certification cycles. The presence of a certificate of advanced training in the cycles of thematic improvement is taken into account by the attestation commissions when considering the assignment of a qualification category.

Physicians who have completed the cycle (courses) of advanced training at the institute at the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education, make an appropriate entry in the certificate of advanced training. The certificate of advanced training is filled in by hand in ink by the educational institution. The signature of the director of the medical institute is certified by the official seal of the educational institution.