How foreign students live in war

As of March 5, 2022, about 1,700 of foreign students live in the dormitories of Sumy State University. In difficult and the hardest conditions caused by Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, the University provides students in basic consumer goods. All dormitory staff works under routine operation. All university dormitories have safe and organized shelters for students if a threat bombing arises by the Russian occupiers. SumDU dietary accommodation provides free meals for foreign students, provides supply. It is organized the transportation of drinking water, as well as vegetables, flour, etc. under no water supply together with LLC “KUSUM PHARM”. There is an agreement with the humanitarian fund on the delivery of food. SumDU partner companies and volunteers also constantly help to arrange the necessities of foreign students in food and basic consumer goods.

Currently, all foreign students are in safety. All of students who lived in apartments have already moved to dormitories. Constant communication with students is maintained through the heads of fellowships, as well as through the other channels of communication (phone, messengers, email). A specially created telegram channel is used for the operative informing the foreign students.

Students have an opportunity to use qualified consultation from doctors of SumDU University clinic in case of ill health.