Morocco Celebrates 77th Anniversary of Independence Manifesto

Today we want to congratulate our students from Morocco on the 77th anniversary of the Independence Manifesto.

Determined to make Morocco free, 67 members of Morocco’s national movement signed the Manifesto of Independence in January 1944.

The Independence Manifesto, in which Morocco demanded freedom, expressed the categorical refusal of Moroccans to continue to live under the protectorate of colonizers. Moroccans of all ages contributed to Morocco’s independence. The anniversary of the event is an annual opportunity to pay tribute to the men and women of the national resistance and liberation movement who fought for independence and to preserve national dignity.
The leadership of Sultan Mohammed V, contributed to the complete independence of the country.

Morocco obtained its complete freedom from the French and Spanish colonial rule in March 1956. Nowadays, it is considered as a national holiday in Morocco, during which people gather with families and celebrate this day.