Sumy State University researchers will work on the use of nanotechnology in dentistry within the Horizon Europe Project

The positive news for Sumy State University is received again from the European Commission. The new project of the Ukrainian-Swedish Research Center SUMEYA and the Biomedical Research Center received funding within the Horizon Europe MSCA-SE Programme.

The ARGO project “Towards the development of the new antibacterial strategy for dentistry” will be implemented during 2023-2027 and aims to advance the application of nanotechnology in dentistry.

The project coordinator is Latvia University (Latvia, Professor Maksym Pogorielov). The project consortium includes the following partner universities: Umea University (Sweden, Professor Thomas Boren), Sumy State University (Ukraine, Professor Roman Moskalenko) and three companies: Nanowave (Poland, Rafal Banasiuk), Umeå dentallaboratorium AB (Sweden, Fredrik Jonson) and SensoGrafa (Lithuania, Professor Arunas Ramanavicius).

Receiving of the abovementioned grant became possible due to the implementation of a number of previous projects, in particular ERASMUS+KA1 with Umea University, the bilateral research project between University of Latvia and Sumy State University, as well as the MSCA-RISE-2017 NanoSurf project, where the Nanowave company participates. Thus, the long-term international cooperation brings such great results.

It should be mentioned that this is the second project for this year received by Sumy State University bio-medical team (the team of Professor Maksym POGORIELOV) within the Horizon Europe Programme. Both projects will attract funding of about half a million euro to Sumy State University to facilitate productive research activity. Numerous visits to the partner organizations, visits to Sumy State University of the scientists (this will happen after our Victory!) and performance of the incredible tasks that will benefit society will be implemented within both projects.

Only high-quality science can make Ukraine stronger and the whole world better.