Students qualified by Sport department became the winners on ski racing

On January 9-15, 2017 the national championship for cross-country skiing was held in the Lviv region at the base of Tysovets. Our students are deserved new rewards.

Gold medals were awarded Olexiy Krasovsky, Yulia Krol, Victoria Oleh, as well as bronze medal went to Yulia Krol. All participants of the event stressed that it was one of the most brilliant and fruitful competition in their experience. They had splendid time in Carpathian mountains, and followed a healthy way of life.

The most outstanding skier in the history of cross-country skiing was the Norwegian eight-time Olympic champion Bjorn Delhi. In total he won 12 Olympic medals – besides eight gold, awarded also four silver. Among women, the most Olympic gold medals – six, won Russian skier Lyubov Yegorova.

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