A world-class academic Yury Gogotsi visited SumDU

On May 26-27, Sumy State University received a visit from a prominent scientist in the field of Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Institute of Nanomaterials at Drexel University (Philadelphia, USA) Yury Gogotsi.

The scientist is the discoverer and researcher of the class of two-dimensional inorganic compounds – MXenes. Currently, Yury Gogotsi’s group works in cooperation with scientists of the Medical Institute of SumDU on the study of MXenes’ potential use in biomedicine.

“Such cooperation is unique,” said Maksym Pogorielov, Deputy Director for Research at SumDU Medical Institute. – We, biologists, learn a lot from the field of Physics and enrich this field with our knowledge. Especially when we work with materials that no one has worked with before”.

During the visit, the professor of Drexel University got acquainted with the scientific and technical potential of the Medical Institute, visited the main campus, and met with the rector of SumDU to discuss further scientific cooperation.

Yury Gogotsi noted the high scientific potential of SumDU, the interest of employees in the conduction of research, and the enthusiasm of the university management, which promotes the development and encourages the team to work productively. “I am happy to see that there are universities in Ukraine that are of promise, strive to grow, develop and reach the international level. SumDU has shown that it can work. The university itself organizes international conferences, invites colleagues from abroad, and offers cooperation”, – the scientist said.

The rector of SumDU Vasyl Karpusha stressed that cooperation with an outstanding scientist will cover various fields of activity. Recently, Yury Gogotsi acted as a scientific consultant for the doctoral dissertation of Vadym Borysiuk, Associate Professor of the Department of Nanoelectronics and Surface Modification of SumDU. Therefore, further cooperation is planned in the direction of training doctoral students and the organization of internships for young scientists.

The official part of the event, which took place in the Congress Center of SumDU, was the presentation of the diploma and a robe of the Doctor Honoris Causa of SumDU to Yury Gogotsi. It is worth noting that the scientist became the first Doctor Honoris Causa of the university of Ukrainian origin.

The scientist also held a lecture “From the discovery of new (nano) materials to advanced technologies or the adventures of Ukrainian in America”, during which he spoke about his own research and the path he took from a young scientist from Ukraine to a professor at Drexel University. The lecture was held in a hybrid format, so everyone who didn’t make it to the audience was able to join the event online.

Yury Gogotsi noted: “As a Doctor Honoris Causa of SumDU, I hope that I will visit more often. I also hope that we will invite colleagues and students from SumDU to Drexel University. Currently, SumDU is one of the leaders in the study of MXenes in Ukraine. There are many projects lined up”.