The “Days of Information” are held in the medical library

From May 30th through to June 20th the “Days of Information” will be held in reading-room of our medical library.

There are offered to the attention of the readers more than 150 titles of printed editions (books, manuals, conference proceedings, dissertations, scientific periodicals etc.) on medicine and natural sciences, history, linguistics, law, literature and so on. Some publications were written by authors from our Institute. The printed editions were purchased from publishers “Nova Knyha”, “Ukrmedknyha”, “Medicine”, and also obtained from exchange funds or got as a gift through collaboration of Medical Institute and other Higher Education Institutions, companies, scientific societies, and authorities.

The fund of medical library was replenished by unique editions of publishing company Elsevier, on Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, with the kind support of prof. Prystupa L.N. and prof. Smiyan O.I. These latest editions are designed for use in teaching English-speaking foreign students. Since the beginning of the year, the library of the medical library has replenished about 1,000 copies.

Proposals and recommendations for the acquisition of the fund of medical library with new publications should be sent to the electronic address of the medical library .

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