Address by Vasyl KARPUSHA, Rector of SumDU

Dear colleagues, friends, co-thinkers!

We have been developing our university together for many years. Probably, for many in Ukraine it was and remains unclear why Sumy State University is like this: one of the most powerful in the country in terms of research; before the war – more than 2,000 students from 54 countries (here in Sumy). And our student sports, our creatively gifted students … It is better not to write about international rankings at all – sometimes it causes at least surprise, sometimes misunderstanding and even the certain distrust of ranking in the international scientific and educational community. And we just work the way we can.

And in this terribly difficult time, I am once again convinced that the main factor in the success of our university is our colleagues, regardless of the position. Despite the mortal danger, they continue to be here – to ensure the activities of the university.

It is difficult to find words of deep gratitude for what you are doing now. And, probably, first of all, because we all love our university. I am deeply convinced that we have a lot of extremely difficult tasks in the further development of Sumy State University.

I sincerely wish everyone courage, patience, faith and, above all, peace on our Ukrainian land.