Access to An@tomedia

Until March 14, 2022, Sumy State University has access to the An@tomedia database from the famous American company McGraw Hill.
An@tomedia is an interactive resource on human anatomy that will be useful for students, teachers and practitioners.

Why is An@tomedia the best world-class resource for anatomy?

  • the study of anatomy takes place from different points of view: the structure of the human body and how the user can deconstruct it using the methods of dissection and visualization
  • the material is systematized and divided into 9 modules: general anatomy, head, neck, upper limb, lower limb, chest, abdomen, back, pelvis
  • detailed images and interactive text for clarification
  • test questions for self-examination
  • the ability to choose the level of difficulty
  • consistent and easy navigation


To work with the resource, go to the An@tomedia page and click Launch an@tomedia.
Terms of access: only from the local network of SumDU. Remote access is not provided by the publisher.

Supporting materials for working with the resource:

1. Video review of the resource
2. Work with modules

For the use of the resource, please contact:

Dudchenko Natalia