Dear students!

Yesterday everybody was shocked by the Russian aggression to Ukraine.
The SumDU is working in regular mode. The studying process continues online.
We can’t stop the studying process. Naturally, a student who is not mentally ready to study will not suffer. There will be no sanctions against him. Who needs – the university can provide the services of a psychologist.
There are bomb shelters in buildings of the 4th and 5th hostels. Students from 1-3 hostels can move to the bomb shelter in the main building (2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st., Sumy). The SumDU can help if a student wants to go to the hostel from the flat (you need to inform Dean’s office).
The SumDU is ready to help with meals (in this case, the student must inform Dean’s office).
We hope for early finish this conflict.
Be careful, please!