Cooperation of the Medical Institute of the SSU with the united territorial communities

Specialists from the medical institute carried an advisory visit to the Znob-Novgorodske OTG (Sredyno-Budsky district) on December 17, 2018, in the framework of the cooperation of the SSU Medical Institute with the combined territorial communities of the Sumy region.

At the request of community leaders, it was formed a multidisciplinary medical brigade of the teaching staff of the clinical departments of the medical institute. It consists of doctors: a pediatrician (Sichnenko PI), cardiologists (Pogorelova O.S., Opolonskaya N.O.), a neuropathologist (Sotnikov D.D.) was formed from the teaching staff of the clinical departments of the medical institute. .), a psychiatrist (Mudrenko I.G.), a surgeon (Danilenko IA), an otolaryngologist (Hizhnya Ya.V.) and an ophthalmologist (Shcatula P.Yu.).

Given that the villag. Znob-Novgorodske is the most remote locality from the regional center, the demand for this event was extremely high. About 300 consultations were provided during an outpatient appointment. The patients of the hospice department of the Znob-Novgorodske Outpatient Clinic of General Practice – Family Medicine, were also examined. In the course of work, a number of primary pathologies were identified among the population, conclusions and recommendations were provided to patients for further diagnosis and treatment or referral of a certain category of chronic MSEC patients.

According to the results of the consultative departure, the heads of the OTG and the population expressed their hopes for further cooperation with the SSU Medical Institute.

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