“Mr. SSU-2018”

The traditional competition for masculine courage, beauty and charisma “Mr. SSU-2018” was held in the Sumy State University on December 20. 14 boys from seven subdivisions over two hours were hitting the audience with their talents, originality and ability to stay on stage. The student’s administration of the SSU organized the contest.

By the creative concept, the participants appeared in three joint thematic shows. In the first, which symbolized the morning, the guys demonstrated the style of street-casual, that is, their everyday clothes. In the second exit, entitled “The Day”, the boys were dressed in sportswear and showed what they are doing during the day. And the third, final defile, became “Evening” – the boys went out in evening suits.

The medical institute was presented by two students, Soni Dollar and Bogdan Yaremenko.

The main and most anticipated part of the competition was the creative stage where the guys demonstrated their talents.

Foreign Representative of Medical Institute Soni Dollar has transferred viewers to the bright Bollywood, featuring an incredible national dance.

Bogdan Yaremenko has dedicated a song under the guitar to all the women of SSU, melting their hearts.

No less talented women evaluated the talents of the boys: Olga Bondarenko – artistic director of the cultural and artistic center of SSU, head of the vocal studio of the university; Tetyana Zakrevska – representative of “Compservice” store; Yelizaveta Marinyak – specialist in the field of modeling; Yulia Chudaeva is the head of the dancing group “Jam” of SSU, an experienced KVN player.

Bogdan Yaremenko won in the nomination “Mr. Naturalism”, and Soni Dollar became the “Mr. Uniqueness”.

Moreover, our foreign student became worthy the honorary title of “Vice-Mistert of SSU-2018”!

So, congratulations to our men who have presented our medical institute worthily!

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