School of international cooperation development for medical institute students

In this challenging time of the pandemic of the highly contagious respiratory virus, any offline classes are already an extraordinary event. In the period from 9 to 12 March 2021, the representatives of the Unit of International Academic Mobility of the International Affairs Department Krystyna Shechkova and Nataliia Marynych jointly and on the initiative and direct participation of the Deputy Director for International Affairs of the Medical Institute Roman Moskalenko, carried out a series of workshops, aimed at the development of students’ opportunities in international academic mobility. The school took place at “Coworking University City” at the Library and Information Center of SumDU, in compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological regulations.

Under this official preamble, there is a sincere desire to share the acquired knowledge with a future generation of the scholarship and grant applicants. Different approaches were implemented during the practical classes: lecture + homework (preparation of CV), lecture + classroom practical task (preparation of motivation letter), lecture + discussion (preparation of the letter of support). Despite the rapid development of distance technologies, it is still difficult to surpass live communication: discussions, emotions, improvisation, and humor are perceived quite differently at the “short distance.”

The workshops after classes required additional effort and were expected to be joined by the motivated and responsible students, whose initial level of preparation became a pleasant surprise. Without a doubt, we will hear about the success of the participants of the school in future! In addition to the package of documents that the students have prepared for themselves under the guidance of mentors, the participants will receive the additional points to their rating for the participation in these classes.

It is also necessary to thank the students from the Student Self-Government, Kseniia Tulentsova and Daria Lebed, and the representatives of the administration, Andrii Loboda and Kostyantyn Kyrychenko, who stayed behind the scenes but helped to implement this school.