Sumy State University won a powerful grant project within the Horizon Europe EU program

The European Union Horizon Europe program is the largest international grant program supporting advanced scientific research.

The project “Towards MXenes` biomedical applications by high-dimensional immune MAPping”, received by Sumy State University, involves the study of innovative 2D materials for use in medicine.

It is carried out by a group of scientists from the Center for Biomedical Research of Sumy State University in partnership with the most famous researchers of 2D materials from around the world.

Together with Sumy University, the consortium included representatives of 14 leading universities and companies in the world: from Italy (Universita Degli Studi Di Padova and Cambridge Raman Imaging Srl), Latvia (Latvijas Universitate), Turkey (Ankara Universitesi), Ireland (Trinity College Dublin), Serbia (University of Novi Sad), Germany (Universitaetsklinikum Essen), Ukraine (Materials Research Center), Great Britain (YOURSCIENCEBC LIMITED), United States of America (Drexel University and La Jolla Institute For Allergy And Immunology), Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology) and Canada (University Of Manitoba).

In particular, the work on the project involves the discoverer of MXenes, Yuriy GOGOTSI (Drexel University, USA), the leading scientist in the field of immunology, Lucia Gemma DELOGI (University of Padua, Italy), as well as the largest manufacturer of MXenes, Oleksiy GOGOTSI (Materials Research Center).

“Step by step we went to this achievement. They started preparing the project in February, but after the Russian invasion, work had to be stopped. I sincerely thank all partners for their support in such a difficult time. Each of them agreed to continue submitting the project, and we confidently advanced to victory,

“, the head of the Center for Biomedical Research Maksym POGHORELOV commented.

The implementation of the project will contribute to the development of scientific research at the university, will allow students and graduate students to participate in world-class developments, to gain invaluable experience in scientific communication with world-leading scientists.

“The main feature of SumDU is the opportunity not only to acquire new knowledge but also to take part in its creation. And the main way to create new knowledge is to participate in prestigious international projects, especially as part of a world-class consortium”, Kostyantyn KYRYCHENKO said, Head of the Department of International Cooperation.

Sumy State University congratulates professor Maksym POGORYELOV, the head of the project, associate professor Victoria KORNIENKO, the entire team of the Center with another victory, wishes inspiration and success in the implementation of powerful scientific work!