The celebration of Ukrainian writing and language day

The celebration of the Day of Ukrainian writing was held on November, 8-9 in the medical institute. Ukrainians celebrate this important for the national culture day since 1997, holding different promotions and competitions among experts in the Ukrainian language. The medical institute’s students didn’t stay in the side and participated in this fear’s celebration too.

Students and academics supported the promotion “I am a Ukrainian” with pleasure and dressed the embroidered shirts in a sign of their own culture, language and writing language honor. Besides that, a game “The medical institute’s patriots” was held with the support of the extracurricular sector. During the game, medical students were able to show their abilities and knowledge of the Ukrainian language, literature, and history. 3 teams were competing for the title of the best. The students of the first three courses became participants. The team of the first course – “The medical assistants”, its participants : Valentin Mordan’, Anna Evtushenko, Egor Turchenko and Illya Salashnyy; the team of the second course “UAMED” whose members were Vladislava Kust, Danilo Grigor’yev, Marina Zezyulina, Roman Fasiy; and the third course’s team named “Fantastic four” consisting of Kseniya Mikhaylichenko, Anastasiya Mekhanchuk, Vladislav Kravchuk and Svitlana Stetsenko. The participants have shown themselves worthily, answering the questions about the culture, traditions and outstanding writers of our country. A team of first-year students “The medical assistants” won the victory. The team “UAMED” took second place, and the team “Fantastic four” took the third place. Also, the team “UAMED” won in the competition “The most original question”. The first-year student Egor Turchenko has got a title “The Best Player”. All participants have got certificates, gifts and delicious prizes from the extracurricular sector of the medical institute.

Our students had a good time and rest, taking part in the celebration of the Ukrainian Writing Day. Moreover, they proved that they are skilled not only in medicine. After all, the true doctor should be educated and fully developed!

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