“Actual problems of medical support for sports”

The first in Ukraine Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual problems of medical support for sports” was held on November 7-8, in SumDU’s congress center. Besides the SumDU, National Olympic Committee, Federation of Athletics of Ukraine and National Anti-Doping Committee have joined the organization of the event. Leading scientists, specialists in sports medicine, sports doctors, coaches and sportsmen from almost all regions of Ukraine.

The director of SumDU’s scientific and methodical center of sports medicine Yuriy Ataman has introduced the experience of working with highly qualified sportsmen and the University’s working out in this direction during the conference. As the Medical Institute’s director Andriy Loboda said: “This conference is unique for Ukraine as scientist and practices who work in federations, anti-doping committee, deal with sports nutrition communicate here. The conference’s materials will be useful for sportsmen, their coaches, and colleagues-scientists.

During the plenary session, participants have considered the issue of the modern approach to the evaluation of functional training of athletes, application of cardioprotectors, surgical treatment of traumatic muscle damage, the role of magnetic resonance imaging in diagnostics, features of sportsmen’s nutrition during the competition. Participants were able to visit master classes of the leading trainer-rehab of Ukrainian national team of track and field athletics Evgen Savchenko and master classes of the Candidate of Medical Sciences, leading expert of the sports medicine’s methodical center of SumDU Al’bina Zharkova.

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