The Medical Institute employees were awarded certificates for development of international activity of the University.
The International Scientific and Practice Conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists «TOPICAL ISSUES OF THEORETICAL AND CLINICAL MEDICINE» was successfully held in the Sumy State University on October 17-19.

Thanks to joint efforts and support of the Sumy State University and Medical Institute leadership, the Scientific Society of Students and Postgraduate Students, the Medical Institute and Student dean’s office it was succeeded to hold this scientific event at the highest level, what was highly evaluated by foreign guests and different generation of scientists. During the 3 days about 800 of young and talented scientists, who are united by the thirst for knowledge

were sharing their experience and scientific achievements. During the active work of sectional meetings, the participants had an opportunity to visit lections of leading scientists from Europe and Ukraine, whose reports inspire on conquering new heights. We express a great gratitude to the speakers, namely: Professor Wojciech Simka (Poland); Associate Professor Roman Viter (Latvia); Professor Leonardo Orazi (Italy); Associate Professor Yuriy Khalavka (Ukraine); Professor Vytautas Usonis (Lithuania); Associate Professor Diana Pendicheva, Dr.Nikolina Angelova (Bulgaria); Professor Maksym Pogorielov (Ukraine); Associate Professor, PhD, MD Ihor Vynnychenko (Ukraine); Associate Professor, PhD, MD Vladislava Kmyta (Ukraine).

The atmosphere of the event was filled by an acquaintance, friendship and a rivalry at the same time. But the feature of the conference was its held entirely in English. We hope, that this event will promote the establishment of international relations among the medical community and consolidating the positions of our country in the international scientific arena.

It should be noted separately that our foreign guest and speakers liked the conference so much that they have expressed a desire to visit it again. We hope that the Invaluable received experience of such high-level conference will be used in future to the achievement of new European level peaks.

You can find a collection of the thesis on the conference site by a link:

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