The Medical Institute employees were awarded certificates for development of international activity of the University

October 19, 2018 in the Sumy State University the International Cooperation Day was held. More than 200 of students, lecturers and guests of University have joined. During the event Ukranian and foreign participants of grant and scholarship programs were sharing their experience and impressions. Also they have gave practical advices on extension of international activity of the University, attracting more number of students and employees to Academic Mobility programs and to grant programs and projects.

As the rector of Sumy State University emphasized there was created a Department of Internationalization of Higher Education in the University to attracting a wider range of students and aspirants to Academic Mobility programs.
The head of Department of International Relations Konstantin Kirichenko expressed hope about making the International Cooperation Day a traditional event in the Sumy State University. Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical activity Volodimir Lyubchak handed certificates to the most active departments and employees of the University for development of the international activity of the University. It is worth noting that already 4 employees of the Medical Institute were awarded honored diplomas, namely : Maksim Pogorelov, Roman Moskalenko, Oleksandr Oleshko and Vladislav Sikora.

The International Cooperation Day was held in the format of two parallel sections. Guests got acquainted with the exhibition “The Geography and scope of international activity of SumDU” and visited the presentation of international
activity’s directions and appropriate the best practices. Participants of event learned about a competition of grant and scholarship programs from ERASMUS+, Fulbright, DAAD etc. David Qween, the professor of the Institute of Art Design and Technology (Ireland), Diana Pendicheva and Nicolina Angelova (The Medical University Pleven, Bulgaria) and Dzhozef Kush, the scholar of the Fulbright Program (USA). Students of the Sumy State University, namely a representative of the educational and research institute of business technologies Oleksandr Polishchuk and a student of Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology Ruslan Ermakov shared their own experience about participation in Academic Activity programs.

The Sumy State University is a regular partner in common projects within International Grant programs of European Union (Tempus, ErasmusMundus, JeanMonnet, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020), The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),The British Council Development Program, The World Bank Development program, bilateral scientific and research projects, grants of private foundations.
The University actualize more than 200 of grants every year. Over the past 5 years, the amount of research works within Grant projects has increased by 20 times. 20 percent of graduate students are participants of International Academic Mobility programs. In general 1300 of foreign students from almost 50 countries of the world get an education in the Sumy State University.

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