The “Together Against Cancer” presentation contest took place at NN MI

Annually, on February 4th, World Cancer Day is observed, initiated by the International Union Against Cancer to raise awareness about cancer as one of the most challenging contemporary diseases.

In order to draw the attention of students and under the initiative of the extracurricular sector of NNMI, an online presentation contest of scientific works titled “Together Against Cancer” was held on February 5th.

Each participant was assigned a separate topic on which they prepared a presentation and report. A total of 9 students participated, namely: Oleksandra Semenozhenko (group MC.m-904) – “Typical Signs of Oncology”, Viktoriia Pohorila (group MC.m-905) – “Myths about Oncology”, Bohdana Vysoctska (group MC.m-304) – “Nutrition in Oncological Diseases”, Tetiana Miroshnychenko (group MC.m-305) – “Types and Forms of Cancer”, Daria Prykhodko (group MC.m-310) – “Basic Concepts of Oncological Treatment”, Daria Sukhoruchenko (group MC.m-905) – “Early Stage Cancer Diagnosis”, Yuliia Klymenko (group MC.m-303) – “Prevention of Oncological Diseases”, Sofia Brit (group MC.m-303) – “Cancer After Coronavirus”, Yana Zhovtobriukh (group SM-103) – “Contraindications in Oncological Diseases”.

The participants were evaluated by two jury members: the lecturer of the oncology and radiology department – Ruslana LAKHTARINA and the deputy director of NNMI for extracurricular activities – Yuliia CHUDAEVA.

Considering the high level of preparation of the scientific reports, determining the winners was not easy. The prize places were distributed as follows: 1st place – Daria SUKHORUCHENKO, 2nd place – Daria PRYKHODKO, and 3rd place – Viktoriia POHORILA.

We thank the students for their participation and preparation of interesting works. We wish them further development.