A training session on ‘Combating Bullying and Violence’ took place at the Educational-Scientific Medical Institute

On February 27th, inspectors from the public relations sector of the patrol police department in the Sumy region visited the Sumy State University’s Educational-Scientific Medical Institute.

During the meeting, the speakers provided information to the students about types of legal proceedings, the age of legal responsibility, what bullying is and the consequences it entails, types of violence, and more. Various cases of conflict situations were discussed, including their resolution, the importance of timely detection of bullying/violence, and its prevention to avoid serious consequences.

Participants had the opportunity to ask questions to the inspectors and receive professional answers.

Remember that seeking help in a timely manner is a chance to avoid irreversible consequences. Take care of your physical and psychological health starting from ‘yesterday.’

The event was initiated by the extracurricular activities sector of the Educational-Scientific Medical Institute.